What CreativEnterprise Stands For

Vision and Mission

  • Provide realistic and sustainable opportunities of employment for local people.
  • Facilitate the development of creative skills and provide industry relevant work experience.
  • Develop a creative community hub through resources, networking, events and services.
  • Provide flexible and affordable work-spaces for SME, individuals and freelance creative entrepreneurs. 
  • Offer a range of professional creative services for production, advertising, marketing, promotion and sales.  
  • Develop community projects providing ‘live’ training: Journalism, film, Media Communications, visual arts.

Community Development

Bringing people together

We seek to encourage local creative communities, entrepreneurs and small businesses into our creative community space to work with us to develop a strong and resourceful community service centre and build a strong and inclusive member’s network alliance.

We are ambassadors and facilitators of personal social and professional development; engaging with under represented and disadvantaged groups to enhance skills and employability prospects through projects, activities, volunteering, work placements and pooling resources, opportunities, knowledge, skills, ideas and expertise.


CreativEnterprise - Readings Creative Community Development Company

CreativEnterprise is a Non-Profit organisation providing; creative community engagement projects, creative work spaces and resources, facilitating and delivering workshops and events, we offer a variety of visual creative services including: portfolio development, photography, filming and media content development

We are a ‘Centre for Creativity’ operating from a multi-functional resource and service centre for local creative industry entrepreneurs, groups and SME and are based just 5 minutes from Reading train station and the town centre. The company base is a contemporary 'shabby chic' comfortable and non-corporate, professional yet relaxing space with 90% of fixtures and fittings sourced, up-cycled and restored providing a unique homely look that provides relaxation, comfort and security.

                                        Come and take a look, have a consultation and find out what we can do for you.